The liberated woman wants to be persistent and determined, becoming the equal of her male alter ego does not scare her. This is when his confidence goes above all through his dressing room and in a woman's dressing room, there is necessarily a suit, a suit, a blazer jacket, whether they are luxury or even classic. The woman in a suit wants to conquer and asserts herself through detachment from the codes to which she had to respond.

We tell you, a woman in a skirt is no more feminine and elegant than a woman in a costume. This masculine / feminine style has seduced for years. The confusion of genres has been the fantasy of more than one designer, we think in particular of Jean-Paul Gaultier and his men's skirt or the artist David Bowie, a true icon of the “androgynous” movement. Adopting an androgynous look is playing with your identity, transforming yourself, for a moment, by borrowing men's clothes.

Tailored cuts, barely transformed for women, are intended to be adapted to their morphology. The female silhouette in a suit is sublimated, sculpted like a statue that the artist shapes in stone. Men's luxury suits will also be women's clothing, this is the crazy gamble of an artist who no longer needs to be presented, Yves Saint-Laurent, the emancipator of women. Let's give way to this modern-day woman, chic in a suit, attracting attention and shaking up good morals. Make way for today's woman, burning with freedom and envy.


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